Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Weddings and Antiques....

I have a bit of a weakness for Commemorative china, I must confess. The vast majority of it is first half of the 20th century, and it's all knocked about a bit, cracks, chips etc. I never pay very much for it, and the last piece came out of the rubble skip at the local tip! But it's very evocative, I think of an age gone past. I particularly like the ending of WW1 and WW2 beakers. It's mainly on the mantlepiece in the B&B dining room.

I've been given (by people who don't understand the 'look' LOL) over the years a few more recent pieces, a particularly hideous 80's mug with the mug of Prince Andrew on springs to mind, which are well tucked away in a cupboard, awaiting a future point in time when it becomes 'retro' enough to appreciate (Hmmm not sure that will happen).

So of course the question arose, will I buy my own Wills and Kate Wedding Piece? Well of course I looked, but nothing really caught my eye...until Denby sent me an e-mail (The china we use is Denby White and I've bought some stuff direct online) Within moments of it arriving, I'd had an 'add to basket moment' And the 'loving bunnies' were mine. This piece fullfilled all the Antiques Road show antique of the future criteria for me, so it's my gift to a future grandchild! It's reasonably small limited edition and it's breakable which should escalate the rarity, affordable (£20) and by a 'good maker' (Denby) and a nod to their aquisition of the company Carlton, who were known for their rabbit figurines in the 1930's, but most of all I LOVE IT!!! It's really really cute!

SO I'll add my congratulations to Wills and Katie, I hope they have a wonderful happy day, and a long and happy marriage(unlike his poor mother!) and I shall be watching while doing something constructive - tidying up my craft cupboard!


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