Monday, 2 May 2011

Everything is coming out....

Amazing down the back lanes this weekend. Everything is out! The Campion, and bluebells, with a back-drop of gorse and the sea is amazing. We've noticed that there are bluebells in new places this year, and are wondering if some years are just 'better' than others for certain plants. We don't remember seeing them on the cliffs before, but there are big patches, so they must have been there for a while. The swallows are back too. They nest in the loo's down at Mwnt Beach!

The butterflies have started to appear... We've seen orange tips for the first time this week, quite a few of them, and a couple of other kinds of butterflies about but it's hard to catch them still enough to make a positive ID, let alone get a photograph!

We had our first B&B guests this weekend too, which was lovely. They were very complimentary about the room and opted to try the Welsh delicacy laverbread with their breakfast. Laver is the same seaweed family as Nori the sushi seaweed. We buy it here, ready prepared on the fresh fish counter. 'Prepared' means boiled for hours. It comes as a green goo in a little tub and there are various ways of serving it. Sometimes it's just served as 'hot goo' which doesn't appeal to me, and some who have tried it like that have vowed 'never again!' I mix it with oatmeal until it can be formed into little patties...traditionally they are then fried in bacon fat, but I usually opt for olive oil.

I also have eggs coming out of my ears at the moment...the chookies are all in full egg laying swing, need more guests!!! We've fought our way through two massive quiches I made this weekend, AND had scrambled eggs for dinner tonight! Need to think of new and inventive things to do with eggs!

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