Monday, 25 April 2011

Playing interior designers....

So here are some photographs of the inside of the B&B taken on opening day! Above is a picture of the bed...what you can't see, under the bedspread is my crisp, white freshly ironed, 1000 count Egyptian cotton bedlinens! The bedside rugs are curly viking sheep's fleeces from a local farm. The light fittings are from Jim Lawrence. OH made the T&G headboard. The flooring is oak...and we chose to do the ceiling in T&G to match the interior of the rest of the house, as all the upstairs ceilings are made from it too.

This picture shows the Antique French armoire that the OH has lovingly restored, the table with the tray for making tea in the room, and out of the window, if you are a bit taller than me...there IS a sea view! On the window ledge are a vintage Poole Pottery otter and a dolphin - some of our local wildlife.

The bathroom has a corner shower, there is non slip ceramic tiled floor, and heated towel rail. The white shower tiles have been inset with a band of marble tiles to add interest. OH made the mirror over the sink, which we brought with us from our old house. It's a copy of the oldest Georgian doorway in Sydenham (where we used to live) made in wood and painted.

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