Thursday, 7 April 2011

Websites, Environmental Statements and missing pictures!

At least I hope so!

Have been incredibly busy this last month, trying to get lots of things finished at the same time. There are still two thing to be the wardrobe that is going in the guest room is in the process of being renovated and secondly I am waiting for the phonecall that the new stainless steel worktop for the kitchen is done, so that I can get my new gas hob *Heart* installed.

We keep making lists of things that need to be done, my lists consist of the things I want other people to do, and more and more shopping lists! I've actually lost count of the shopping lists!

At the same time, I've been trying to get my website sorted out finally, which seems to have taken me an eternity! I've trawled through all the competition's websites looking for local pricing structures, and totally fried my brains in the turgid worlds of 'Access Statements' and 'Environmental Statements'

Actually the environmental statement was easier, as it fits very comfortably with my general ethics, as I can't abide waste, and I'm always looking at food miles on stuff in the supermarket, and not buying as a result! It was also partly responsible for me taking the decision NOT to provide chi-chi little packs of complimentary toiletries for the guests, and not to buy in individually packed sachets of tea and coffee. I spoke to one of my friends who has a B&B about 30 miles away about this, and she'd already told me that the 'shelf life' on the little cartons of milk was quite short, and that as I am only letting one room, I might find they went out of date before I used them all. She said some of the people she knows who also do B&B put a jug of milk in the room for guests. This got me thinking 'out of the box' about the whole provision, and having mulled it over, I've bought (to be honest equally chi-chi) little containers for teabags, coffee and sugar lumps and the smallest size of stainless steel flasks for milk. And they have a small biscuit tin...could you ask for anymore?

I mention on the website, that I am only providing towels and handwash for guests, and ask them to bring their own toiletries. In the information pack I am putting in the room, I've expanded on why I've chosen to do this, with a full environment statement, and "How you can help" section, and I've also said that if anyone needs anything when they arrive, I'll be happy to provide from the domestic suppies.

I took all the various bits and pieces that I was struggling with to my friend and neighbour Lisa yesterday, she has a smallholding selling naturally produced vegetables just up the road, She made a few very helpful suggestions (and rather embarassingly noticed far too many ", and" that had slipped through the spell check!) She pointed out that as I'd said the Guest room has it's own entrance, she'd kind of want to see where that was in relation to the rest of the house, I thought it was a valid suggestion, so I took another photograph (the one above) and sent it to they guy doing the website with all the corrections, poor Derek, he's probably dreading my e-mails by now.

Anyway the website should be finished pretty soon, but you can check it out anyway at


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