Thursday, 26 May 2011

Starting to get a few bookings coming in now...

Starting to get a few bookings coming in now...which is very exciting!

Despite the fact that you know the area is a popular holiday destination, and that everyone says you are in a great spot for B&B, there was a moment then when everything was finished when I thought 'OH! Supposing no one ever comes?'

The advert on Walestouristsonline has generated three bookings in as many weeks - so was a good choice for the ad it seems.

Today the 2011 Marine Conservation Society (MCS) Good Beach Guide is out and all the local beaches have great scores on water quality...some marks down for some for not having lifeguards, but some of us just like to enjoy beaches by sitting and watching, and soaking up the scenery. In any case our two most local beaches, Mwnt which is walking distance, and Poppit Sands(a 15 min drive) both pick up a 'recommended' award!

It's been really windy here for the last few days...but as always it's amazing to watch the sky change, the light over the hills alters as patches of sun come through, and the cloud formations are constantly shifting. Becase we have such huge vistas from the house, we are able to see the pockets of rain coming (and going) so we can judge a good time to take the dogs for a walk! My dogs do NOT walk in rain, they say it's not in the contract! (Never heard of a Staffie yet who will walk in rain!)

It must be nearly time to plant out the courgette plants, that are currently in the conservatory. Surely we must be past the last frost? My neighbour who has a market garden just up the road, gave me a few fat courgettes yesterday! (But hers are in polytunnels!!! They have a head start!) We've caught up with the gardening after the big push to get the B&B finished, so later in the year we will have some veg of our own - thank goodness. Plenty of our own eggs now though! Time to look out some inventive egg recipes.


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