Thursday, 30 August 2012

Well have ended up doing the thing I said annoyed me about other people's business blogs. I've not made an entry since February *blushes with shame* It's not been a busy year for the B&B, most of the local businesses are reporting that it's been very quiet, but with the combination of the economy and the dreadful weather, really I suppose it's not surprising.

Also, when I make a post I do like to have a nice photograph to go with it, rain has stopped play with that also! But this one is a corker, courtesy of my Mum who was here a couple of weeks ago. I was saying to her only the day before, that I'd seen a lizard up the road, the summer we arrived, and that I'd not seen one since, although my daugter and her BF had spotted some on the sand dunes over at Poppit. She's a very keen photographer and likes to go on mini-beast safaris when she's here, she went to have a little look on the bank opposite the house to see if there was anything interesting there, and came rushing back in to tell me there were lizards sunbathing! JUST across from the house!!! Very excited! There were several and also some tiny dark juveniles. It's a common lizard but obviously they are happy enough to be breeding there.

I'm planning on offering evening meals here by arrangement for B&B visitors, so hopefully that will appeal to some walkers. We also will offer to collect visitors who want to come walking from the local stations (Carmarthen, Aberystwyth, Fishguard) and can drop them off at points of interest and arrange to collect them later if they want!


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