Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy St David's Day

A beautiful day here in Wales, crisp but sunny, and there are snowdrops everywhere...I don't remember there being so many last year!

The daffodils have been budding for some weeks, but they have put in an appearance for St Davids day and some of mine at the front are out today. There are clumps of daffs everywhere round here. I'm sure there is a guerilla gardener about who leaps out of his car with a trowel and a handful of bulbs whenever the urge strikes!

I've been busy today painting, and moving things around for the B&B, I've ordered a rug for the dining room, which my daugter says looks like the sort of rug that people who live in a pink house would buy! I do hope that our guests will enjoy our taste in decor...

The chickens are starting to lay again, and it's been very exciting to collect eggs of all three colours. The Cuckoo Marans which were the latest addition to the flock lay incredible dark brown eggs, to complement the creamy pink of the Legbar/Aracana crosses, and the our original four Lavender Aracana, who's eggs are beautiful shades of blue.


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